Components / Specifications

  • Platen – Custom extruded plank, silicone heating elements (up to 163°C/325°F), and durable composite insulating packaging are used to construct a flexible platen that contours to belt irregularities. Flush connectors provide a smooth profile; recessed power connections are sealed for moisture resistance.
  • Beam Restraining System – Superior H-Style bars made of extruded aluminum are engineered for any belt width. Recessed high tensile steel nut/bolt assemblies connect H-Style bars for a steadfast, reduced profile. Each press includes the Stark restraining system as a secondary H-bar lock for increased operator safety.
  • Control Box – The new Stark Switchgear Box is the most advanced control system in the world. Incorporating controls for 2 platens. Splice data can be stored and recalled through the built in data logger.
  • CE, CSA and UL Approved – All electrical CE, CSA and UL approved